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In the Knowledge Base the GES Team, organizers, partners and all contributors over the years have accumulated all GES content there ever was: Challenges, Proposals, Solutions, Background Papers, Fact Sheets, Implementations and additional information. It provides the necessary research, policy and strategy background for the GES and enables for discussions and a vivid flow of ideas within the GES Community. It enables the participants of the GES to deepen their knowledge of the underlying issues before attending the Symposium, so that the exchange of ideas during the Symposium can proceed on a high, well-informed level.

You are interested in a specific Challenge? Underneath each description for a Challenge you find different tabs - your shortcut to the Knowledge Base.

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You are only interested in a specific topic? You are only interested in solutions? You are only interested in content for politicians?

Explore the Knowledge Base and filter the content via keywords:

  • topical, e.g. Migration, Global Trade or Agriculture
  • special interest as Stakeholder, e.g. polity, academia or civil society
  • category, e.g. Solution, Proposal or Background Paper


Legend for the categories in the GES Knowledge Base:


Background Papers

summarizing specific global problems, each mirroring a single GES panel session

containing short summaries of strategies to solve global problems, contributed by GES panelists and other international experts
the contributions generated by the GES - useful, innovative ideas, supported through a broad agreement among leading decision makers from diverse walks of life
written by experts from participating institutions providing freely accessible summary of academic discussions and empirical evidence on a specific global problem
Open Libraries Virtual Libraries Implementations
offering a large variety of freely-accessible papers for each Challenge containing diverse background information to which Panelists and other experts have contributed in the past describing path-breaking projects which seek to put into practice particular Solutions that have been proposed and discussed within the GES Community
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