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Symposium 2013

Governance for Sustainable Development

The Challenge

Transforming economic and political systems along the paradigm of sustainability is one of the most challenging tasks that we currently face in redefining success – on a national as well as on a global scale. To balance political, economic, and environmental concerns, we need new and innovative strategies and policies. Therefore, the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s sessions of the 2013 GES focus on how to nurture solutions toward more inclusive and lasting development. “Generating Winning Strategies for Sustainable Societies” deals with the design and implementation of comprehensive strategies to move toward inclusive growth. “Assessing and Implementing Sustainable Governance” addresses the gap between measuring social progress and translating the findings into policy-making. “Fostering a Fair Deal on Talent” tries to find a balance of emigration and immigration that is acceptable for both net sending countries and net immigration countries. “Generating Finance for Social Impact” is concerned with social investments’ potential to fill serious financing gaps in the social sector.

The ideas of these sessions provide a myriad of ideas of how to move toward sustainable development and make high demands on both national and international governance. The workshop aims to summarize the most important proposals from the 2013 GES sessions on sustainable development in order to discuss several overarching questions: What are the most innovative ideas to move toward sustainable development? How can the most promising solutions from the sessions be disseminated and implemented? What are connecting and conflicting factors between different issue areas? How can we handle potential trade-offs? Which governance strategies, institutions, and procedures are needed to effectively co-ordinate policy towards sustainable development?

This session is part of the issue cluster "Achieving Sustainable and Inclusive Growth" and organized in cooperation with Bertelsmann Stiftung.