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Symposium 2014

Good Governance—For People's Sake

The Challenge

There is growing evidence of a positive link between good governance, economic success and enhanced quality of life. Good governance should cover the public and private sectors, as well and social enterprises like non-governmental organisations. Good governance is also an impregnable shield against corruption. Corruption undermines the public’s trust in its government. It also threatens market integrity, distorts competition, and endangers economic development.

The UN identifies eight key issues which measure good governance namely participation, consensus orientation, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, equity and inclusiveness, and rule of law.

Why is there reluctance of some states to practice good governance despite its many advantages? How do we make countries interests to move up the Global Competitive Index ladder, to make them more attractive as a business destination?

How do countries work together to promote good governance across borders? Is the current Transparency Index measure sufficient and frank?