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The Knowledge Base is an integral part of the Virtual GES - the web-based information and communication platform of the GES. It provides the necessary research, policy and strategy background for the GES and enables for discussions and a vivid flow of ideas within the GES Community. Here GES participants and other contributors can outline strategies for dealing with the specified global problems, researchers can upload their latest contributions, and all members of the GES community have the opportunity to participate in debates concerning responses to the global problems. The Knowledge Base of the Virtual GES enables the participants of the GES to deepen their knowledge of the underlying issues before attending the Symposium, so that the exchange of ideas during the Symposium can proceed on a high, well-informed level.

The Knowledge Base is made accessible by an innovative, content-based navigation which enables the user to filter the vast amount of information created by the GES Community according to his own specific interests. A large number of contentual keywords allows to find materials for specific global problems and to reveal interdependencies among different Challenges and the respective GES panel sessions. Thus, the Knowledge Base also mirrors the Symposium itself: The GES is divided into themes, which in turn are divided into panels sessions. Every Challenge in the Knowledge Base corresponds to GES session of a previous or the upcoming symposium. Every Challenge is tagged with the theme - Economy, Polty, Society or Environment - it belongs to and, therefore, it is easy to filter all contents of the Knowledge Base accordingly. A third way of accessing the contents for the GES Community relates to the diversity of its members. The GES brings together leading policy makers, business executives, academics and representatives of civil society to form an ongoing interdisciplinary dialogue. Accordingly, each group of stakeholders can filter the materials provided in the Knowledge Base to find background materials which are particularly relevant for their profession as well as solutions which rely on the commitment of a specific group of people to tackle a global problem. Additionally, the material can be filtered by content type. A variety of different content types can be found in the Knowledge Base:

  • Challenges, summarizing specific global problems, each mirroring a single GES panel session.
  • Proposals, containing short summaries of strategies to solve global problems, contributed by GES Panelists and other international experts.
  • Solutions, the contributions generated by the GES – useful, imaginative steps in a constructive direction, supported through a broad agreement among leading decision makers from diverse walks of life.
  • Background Papers, written by experts from participating institutions providing a freely accessible summary of academic discussions and empirical evidence on a specific global problem.
  • Open Libraries, offering a large variety of freely-accessible papers for each Challenge.
  • Virtual Libraries, containing background information (articles, presentations, op-eds, speeches, reports, etc.) to which Panelists and other experts are free to contribute.
  • Implementations, describing path-breaking projects which seek to put into pratice particular Solutions that have been proposed and discussed within the GES Community.
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