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Finding Solutions. Together.

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The success of the GES depends on the efforts of the GES communities that support it:

  • The Advisory Board deals with strategic issues of the GES.
  • The Organizer - the Kiel Institute for the World Economy - provides underlying research and supporting services.
  • The German National Library of Economics produces a knowledge base for the GES. Thereby, we seek to build a central repository of existing solutions to global problems, on which basis the new solutions can be developed and evaluated. Through this repository the Virtual GES is meant to become an ongoing platform of communication among academics, policy-makers, business leaders and civil society advocates.
  • The Global Economic Fellows Program promotes the initiatives of young, exceptionally promising individuals in the mission of global problem-solving. This program is meant to initiate an ongoing international effort that taps some of the brightest minds of the next generation to identify, analyze, and evaluate solutions to global problems.
  • Without our Partners and Sponsors the Global Economic Symposium (GES) would not be possible. They align their activities with solutions to global challenges, exchange innovative ideas on global problem-solving and play a vital role in all GES activities and GES communities. Find out more about our partners and sponsors and the benefits and opportunities of a GES sponsorship.”

Importantly, all these communities stand to gain by communicating with one another. Business leaders frequently need opportunities to think of long-term trends and scenarios and to relate their business challenges to global economic challenges. Policy-makers and civic leaders need to keep abreast of the latest thinking on policy responses to global problems - such as ageing societies, social welfare provision, employment creation, development of skills, etc. Academic economists need to remain in close contact with business and policy leaders in order to analyze global problems and their interconnections effectively. The GES aims to meet these needs.

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