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Finding Solutions. Together.

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The Virtual GES

The Virtual GES - this website - is the information and communication platform of the Global Economic Symposium (GES). Besides providing general information about the GES, upcoming conferences as well as latest news, its function is threefold:

  1. Everybody can become part of the GES Community simply by registering as a Virtual GES member for free. This enables the user to get involved and engage in global problem solving by commenting solutions and other content of the Knowledge Base. By taking part in the discussions of the solution fora, the member can additionally benefit from a vivid exchange with many other people as well as leading decision makers who are interested in global problem solving.
  2. The Knowledge Base supports the preparation of the GES panel sessions. Both Panelists and international experts belonging to the wider GES Community contribute to a lively exchange with respect to a specific global Challenge to ensure that the discussions at the conference itself take place on an informed level and are strictly solution-oriented. This part of the Virtual GES is only accessible for Panelists and participants of the conference. However, authors of proposals are encouraged to make their ideas publicly available within the Knowledge Base, thereby enabling all registered members of the GES to comment what ensures transparancy and lively discussions.
  3. By means of the Knowledge Base and the ongoing exchange of ideas within the GES Community. Thereby, we seek to build a central repository of solutions and background materials to global problems, on which basis new solutions can be developed and evaluated. Through this repository the Virtual GES is meant to become an ongoing platform of communication among academics, policy-makers, business leaders, civil society advocates and the wider public.


The participants in the GES audience are expected to have familiarized themselves with the relevant material in the Virtual GES, so that they can play a maximally useful role in the Open Floor phase of each panel session.

Contributors to the Virtual GES include both panelists and international experts belonging to the wider GES Community. The Virtual GES is (i) both a communication platform between the panelists, moderators, and a worldwide network of researchers and policy-makers and (ii) a repository of solution proposals for policy, business, civil society and academics underlying the action proposals arising from the GES.

The Virtual GES has the following components
Challenges, summarizing specific global problems, each mirroring a single GES panel session.
Proposals, containing short summaries of strategies to solve global problems, contributed by GES Panelists and other international experts.
Solutions, the contributions generated by the GES – useful, imaginative steps in a constructive direction, supported through a broad agreement among leading decision makers from diverse walks of life.
Background Papers, written by the session expert teams – providing a freely accessible summary of academic discussions and empirical evidence on a specific global problem and solutions.
Open Libraries, offering a large variety of freely-accessible papers for each global challenge.
Virtual Library, containing background information (articles, presentations, op-eds, speeches, reports, etc.) to which Panelists and other experts are free to contribute.
Implementations, describing innovative projects which are examples of how the solution proposals resulting from the GES can be put into practice.